Phocasa 1.0

Picassa style photo editor


  • Very light on resources
  • Simple to use
  • Very quick to open and close


  • Lacks advanced editing features
  • Tries to be a Google product


Phocasa allows you to edit all kinds of images to make refinements as simple as resizing, cropping the image, twisting, rotating and changing the format completely.

Within the interface are the tools needed to do the most common tinkering quickly. It's surely the case that on more than one occasion, you've had photos where you've wanted to change something. However, waiting for an editor to open can be a time consuming affair. Waiting for plugins and editors to open can be really annoying but you'll have no such waits with this program which is incredibly fast. The program is characterised by a sequence of basic to advanced commands ranging from the simple "Delete" to "Rotation" (which isn't that advanced). The problem is, the developers have obviously tried to make this look like a Google product on the download site but it's obvious both from the limited functionality and poor English on the site that it's not.

Nevertheless, for those in a hurry, it's a handy little photo solution.

Phocasa is a simple and free photo editor, you can rotate, crop and scale pictures. Furthermore we optimized Phocasa for the developers.

Do you want to add photo editing feature to your program? We designed this embedded photo editor, users can edit photos by calling with command line. It's easy to use, it's only 180k and it works across all platforms.



Phocasa 1.0

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